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      Wuhan Land Electronics Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 830779), located in Wuhan Optics Valley Electronic Industrial Park, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of software and hardware for battery testing equipment, with a registered capital of 57.2 million yuan. It has obtained a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright registration, and has successfully passed ISO9001 certification, dual software certification, national high-tech enterprise certification, CE certification, etc.

      In 2011, Wuhan Land officially registered the "Lanhe" trademark. The "Lanhe" series battery testing system, which is the core research and development of the company, can support most applications in the battery testing field, including material research, battery formation, capacity sorting, combined battery and super capacitor testing. In terms of battery testing equipment technology, the company has fully mastered the technology from equipment manufacturing, special battery fixture processing to temperature sensor design New technology of control analysis software design and system integration. The products have covered lithium-ion batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, supercapacitors and other batteries. The equipment is of modular structure and can be upgraded in the later stage. It has always had outstanding technical advantages and excellent market performance in the field of scientific research.

      For more than a decade, the company has always adhered to independent innovation. Its shareholders are senior people with more than a decade of experience in the battery testing industry. They have rich practical experience and R & D capabilities, and can provide customized optimization solutions according to the specific needs of customers and in combination with new product technologies.

Corporate vision

Battery test equipment, we only produce high-quality products.

Corporate philosophy

People oriented, teamwork, customer first, development and innovation.

Enterprise values

Rational, tolerant, studious and honest.

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